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Cars for the Stars

Introducing just some of its new company car fleet, Devon Home Care’s Managing Director, Trevor Askew says they are Cars for the Stars.

“We believe our Carers are Stars for all their hard work and dedication – and as such they deserve the best in reliable transport”.

“And our because our clients deserve the best too, the new cars mean that they can be sure our Carers will have transport they can rely on to get to their homes and provide their care”.

“Despite some of the present doom and gloom surrounding health and social care, Devon Home Care is looking ahead by encouraging more people to see social care as a rewarding career, and attracting new clients by showing the company’s willingness to invest in all aspects of their care for the future”.

“So today we are proud to show just some of our new fleet of company cars because we know they – and the Star Carers that drive them – are a vital part of Devon Home Care’s investment for the very best in future home care”.