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It’s not all doom and gloom

We’ve been very concerned to read and hear some of the recent negative comments in the media about social care...

It’s not all doom and gloom

We’ve been very concerned to read and hear some of the recent negative comments in the media about social care

Yes, there are problems but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many dedicated, professional companies and organisations out there providing the very best in social care to an increasing number of needy people. Not all carers are underpaid, not all are overworked or poorly resourced and not all care organisation treat their staff badly. In the same way not all hospital beds are blocked and not all elderly and less abled people are deprived of help at home.

However, most of the care that is provided is unsung and unrecognised. There are many thousands of dedicated care workers out there who work hard every day of the year to bring help to those at home who need their services and it’s not just for those leaving hospital rather than be “bed-blockers”, it’s for the growing number that need help at home on a long-term basis and who, day in day out, receive help from the adult social care industry. We know this because we provide it, and we work with others who provide it too.

We provide trained professional carers who take on the necessary and sometimes uncomfortable tasks that are often overlooked or taken for granted by those who don’t know about the scope and nature of social care. Our carers though, do it cheerfully, tactfully and skilfully and we call it “Personal care” because in each case it is very personal, with a specifically designed package of care based on each client’s individual and very personal needs.

We believe that our company is like many others. We are strictly regulated by the CQC, paid less than we are worth, subject to rising costs and legislation on wages and pension provision, but who nonetheless have a wonderful teams of carers and, we believe, very satisfied and happy clients.

In our company, we believe that all our employees should be paid above the National Living Wage, that they should be paid travel time and have the option of using their own transport or being provided with a company car, that they should be provided with uniforms and protective clothing, mileage payments, regular training, flexible hours and development opportunities – all paid for by the company. And I’m sure we’re not unique.

We may be a small company but like so many other similar care companies, we just get on and serve our community every day; without fuss, without recognition and without complaint – except perhaps to take a moment like this to complain about the recent negativity surrounding our work.

So let’s say it again. It’s not all doom and gloom. There are an awful lot more dedicated carers and satisfied clients out there than there are those complaining. Yes, there are problems, but most of us in social care are quietly working hard to provide a solution.

Trevor Askew
Managing Director
Devon Home Care Ltd